Cheap Flights to Rarotonga

This is the place to visit when you truly want to unwind. Let all your cares melt away as you lie on the soft sand and sip tropical coconut water

What to know before you fly to Rarotonga?

This is the place to visit when you truly want to unwind. Let all your cares melt away as you lie on the soft sand and sip tropical coconut water. Flights to Rarotonga depart Auckland, with connections from Wellington, Christchurch and other domestic destinations.

The largest of the Cook Islands, Rarotonga is a popular holiday and resort destination with some of the most beautiful beaches and coral reef areas in the South Pacific. Over 30 kilometres in circumference, Rarotonga is surrounded by incredibly clear and shallow water and vast stretches of reef making this a haven for snorkelling and scuba diving enthusiasts. Getting around Rarotonga is easy – hire a car, scooter or bike, or relax on the local bus as you get to know the island while taking in those stunning coastal views. Read more about these travel options on our travel news blog post “How to get around Rarotonga”.


Cook Islands has the same currency as New Zealand (NZD), which makes it that much easier to travel to! With sun drenched weather all year round, Rarotonga is made to be enjoyed outdoors in the fresh ocean air. Walking trails from one side of the island to the other offer a rare chance to visit the atols dense rainforest areas where mountain lookouts afford stunning views across the lush green landscape. The pace of life on Rarotonga is very laid back, but that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty to do. The beauty of island life here is that you can choose to go at your own pace doing as little or as much as motivation will allow.


Rarotonga Weather – When is the Best time to visit Rarotonga?

There is never a bad time to visit this pacific paradise! The Cook Islands have a sunny and warm climate year-round. April to November are drier months, with an average temperature of 26 degrees. The ‘rainy months’ between December and March won’t dampen your mood – you might experience a brief morning or afternoon tropical shower on a rainy day.

If you fly to Rarotonga between July and October, you may be lucky enough to see humpback whales from the beach! And if kitesurfing is your passion, then be sure to visit Rarotonga between May and October to take advantage of the trade wind season.

Flights to Rarotonga cost ranges

When flying to Rarotonga from Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, you can expect flight prices to start from $500-$800. This will mostly depend on what time of year you’re flying and how far ahead you are able to book your flights. If you are willing to make an extra stop, then this might be a cheaper option than flying direct from Auckland to Rarotonga.

Rarotonga flight time

Flights from Auckland to Rarotonga are around 3 hours 45 minutes, but up to 6.5 hours travel time when connecting from other domestic cities such as Wellington or Christchurch.

Since you will cross the international date line when flying from Auckland to Rarotonga, remember to take into account the 23 hour time difference between New Zealand and Rarotonga when planning your arrival times. On the way to Rarotonga, you will arrive the day before you departed, and on the way back to New Zealand from Rarotonga, you will arrive a day later than when you departed.

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Rarotonga Accommodation

Rarotonga boasts a variety of luxury accommodation options, as well as family friendly resorts. Indulge in a 5-star beachside resorts with swimming pools, spas, restaurants and spectacular views. If you’d like to bring the whole family, you can choose a family friendly resort with a dedicated kids’ club and plenty of activities to keep you all busy.

Read more about the different Rarotonga accommodation options on our travel news blog post “Top Rarotonga Resorts”.

Visa Information

Fortunately, you don’t need a Visa to visit the Cook Islands for up to 31 days. However, if you wish to extend your stay beyond this, you’ll need to lodge an application with the immigration department and pay a small fee.

Health Considerations when Flying to Rarotonga

The health and safety of our customers is always our number one priority. Speak to our team today about the safety considerations you’ll need to know when flying to Rarotonga. Otherwise you can read up on the latest developments on our Customer Support page.

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