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Idyllic beaches, balmy breezes, spectacular reefs and friendly Ni-Vanuatu locals make Vanuatu "the happiest place on earth".

What to know before you fly to Vanuatu?

Vanuatu is an archipelago nation consisting of over 80 islands, of which 65 are inhabited. As such oceanic and beach pursuits dominate activities on and around Vanuatu. Interestingly, Vanuatu offers the world's only underwater post office, located three metres below the surface in Hideway Island's marine sanctuary. Enthusiasts can post specially-designed waterproof postcards uniquely embossed instead of stamped.

Vanuatu: Traditional Boats

Traditional Boats

Vanuatu's islands were formed through volcanic activity. Today many of the island's volcanos – both underwater and on-shore – are dormant. However to experience nature's fury, there are several that are active and ready to put on spectacular shows. Consider a Vanuatu tour of the Yasur Volcano on Tanna Island, which is one of the world's most active and accessible volcanoes. The volcano is most active during the wet season. Another active volcano is Lopevi.

Venture to the country's capital and experience the pulse of a colonial town. Drop into the Port Vila markets where traditional clothing is worn by the stall holders and stock up on souvenirs, fresh fruit or flowers. For a quaint village, travel to Mele and enjoy the nearby waterfalls or lap up the luxury of Vanuatu accommodation along the coastline, where tranquil pools and serene ocean views are widespread.

Vanuatu: Espiritu Santo Village

Espiritu Santo Village

Looking for more than just a flight? A Vanuatu holiday package includes flights, accommodation, and often other extras like tours or car hire. View our Vanuatu holiday packages.

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